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Kai Foster joins the Next Door Boys as bassist for the band.  Kai brings a new level of experience and vitality to the band along with a great bass line.

- Mark A. Skoda, Band Manager

Next Door Boys win the Brentwood Yule Ball "Battle of the Bands".  Will open for Brentwood Summer Concert series and Brentwood City 50th Anniversary Festival.

- Deanna Lambert, Community Relations Director

"We loved the Next Door Boys at our Mellow Mushroom on Broadway and will have them back often?

- Tammy Lucich, Marketing Manager

"The Next Door Boys rocked out a solid concert at CITIES in Columbia!  They put on a great show."

- Mary Beth Monahan, Owner

"Next Door Boys blew us away at the Battle of the  Bands during the Pay It Forward Festival"

- John Scott, Organizer

"The Next Door Boys blew out the 4th of July event"

- Knights of Columbus